designing choices

When it comes to making choices in games, the hardest ones are choices that are meant to be significant to the player, in space race the player is given many options for various things like what colour ship they want to play as, what ship they want to fly as and what mission they might […]

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Space Race on Android!

Space race is the first app that I have ever participated in the creation of and is out now on Android on the google play store! In the work that led up to it we had to create and collect a variety of different assets for the different platforms the store could be looked at […]

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Post Mortem for Space Race

introduction This trimester student were tasked with making a game and for the first time it was for a specific platform and for a commercial release to the general public, students were asked to produce prototypes and were put into groups of two and select a prototype that would eventually be made into our final […]

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Testing for improvements

Introduction While we had a lot of information that helped us develop our game thanks to our market research, the goals we had laid out for ourselves and also thanks to our personas, it became evident that we would have a variety of things that we could not have anticipated. The only option to us […]

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This trimester in my discipline

My Work in my discipline When this trimester started we game designers were given a task, to complete one single game that would for the first time, be released as a product that would be capable of generating financial revenue for those that made it. We were separated into pairs and given tasks to help […]

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